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II by Vordr CD: $14.00

Vordr: II


Blistering 13 song outing from this Finnish black metal band that is incredibly catchy has potential to cross over to fans of metal and punk. 1 ...

III by Vordr CD: $14.00

Vordr: III


Third album from one of the best and most interesting hordes from Finland. Created and recorded in December 2006 at the Boneyard and released in J...

Locomotive by Vromb 10-inch: $13.00

Vromb: Locomotive

Angle Records

Hot on the heels of his latest 10inch, Le Tourne-Disque, which gained a very strong response from both fans and critics, Vromb strikes again with a...

White Birch by Whisper Room CD: $12.00

Whisper Room: White Birch


Whisper Room is a trio based in Toronto, Canada and Berlin, Germany featuring Aidan Baker of Nadja on guitar/affects, Neil Wiernik of NAW on bass/l...

2nd EP by Wolf Parade CD: $8.00

Wolf Parade: 2nd EP

Wolf Parade

Like the Unicorns, they have roots on Vancouver Island as Dan Boechner was the leader of Atlas Strategic (CD on Global Symphonic) and Spencer Krug ...

Torture of a Human Soul by Wolfsschrei CD: $10.00

Wolfsschrei: Torture of a Human Soul

Raging Bloodlust records

Old School German black metal featuring Taaken of ODAL. Taaken: guitars, bass, drums, vokills, music Lyrics by Taaken and A.D.D. - Tracklist ...

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