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Jamaica Heinekens in Brooklyn by Charlemagne Palestine CD: $15.00

Charlemagne Palestine: Jamaica Heinekens in Brooklyn


"A major new studio recording from Charlemagne Palestine. Based on Palestine's use of electronic drones, the piece points into a new direction. ...

IIIII by Dave Phillips CD: $8.00

Dave Phillips: IIIII

Ground Fault

IIIII continues the tradition of the unique Scimpfluch-Gruppe style found in the previous four titles; I, II, III and IIII released on various ...

Fool, Redeemer by Picastro and Nadja CD: $12.00
Download: $7.99

Picastro and Nadja: Fool, Redeemer

Alien8 Recordings

_Fool, Redeemer_ is semi-collaborative split release between Canadian acts *Picastro* and "Nadja":http://www.alien8recordings.com/artists/nadja. H...

The Science of Breath by Polmo Polpo CD: $8.00
Download: $7.99

Polmo Polpo: The Science of Breath


Alien8 Recordings and its sub-label Substractif will release the debut full-length, "The Science of Breath", by Toronto producer Sandro Perri, a.k....

Profundi by Profundi CD: $13.00

Profundi: Profundi

Profound Lore

Finally out, Jens Ryden’s first musical output since leaving legendary Swedish death/black metal band NAGLFAR, and his first solo venture since DEA...

Shipwrecker's Diary by Prurient CD: $10.00

Prurient: Shipwrecker's Diary

Ground Fault

Shipwrecker's Diary 01: +shoestring+ 02: +shin+ 03: +calf+ 04: +belt+ 05: +finger+ 06: +palm+ 07: +elbow+ 08: ...

Jerusalem by Random Inc CD: $13.00

Random Inc: Jerusalem


Ritornell is the sub-label of Mille Plateaux, which itself is a sub-label of Force Inc. While each of these labels are centered generally around pr...

Dos by Robot vs. Rabbit CD: $13.00

Robot vs. Rabbit: Dos

Squirrelgirl Records

"Dos" is Robot vs. Rabbit’s second album since they came together in 1998, apart from various CD-Rs and compilation appearances. "Dos" is three y...

Shalabi Effect by Shalabi Effect 2CD: $10.00
Download: $7.99

Shalabi Effect: Shalabi Effect

Alien8 Recordings

Originally slated for release as the flip side of a split cd/lp with godspeed you black emperor! entitled Aural Florida, this release just kept gro...

Trial of St-Orange by Shalabi Effect CD: $8.00
Download: $4.99

Shalabi Effect: Trial of St-Orange

Alien8 Recordings

Following the success of Shalabi Effect's staggering self-titled debut double CD, a 131-minute epic, we are excited to present their full-length fo...

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