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On Old Paths by Odal CD: $13.00

Odal: On Old Paths


Klaxon is very proud to announce the release of our first CD, ODAL 'On Old Paths'. This release serves to collect the earliest works of the group, ...

Jamaica Heinekens in Brooklyn by Charlemagne Palestine CD: $15.00

Charlemagne Palestine: Jamaica Heinekens in Brooklyn


"A major new studio recording from Charlemagne Palestine. Based on Palestine's use of electronic drones, the piece points into a new direction. ...

IIIII by Dave Phillips CD: $8.00

Dave Phillips: IIIII

Ground Fault

IIIII continues the tradition of the unique Scimpfluch-Gruppe style found in the previous four titles; I, II, III and IIII released on various ...

Fool, Redeemer by Picastro and Nadja CD: $12.00
Download: $7.99

Picastro and Nadja: Fool, Redeemer

Alien8 Recordings

_Fool, Redeemer_ is semi-collaborative split release between Canadian acts *Picastro* and "Nadja":http://www.alien8recordings.com/artists/nadja. H...

The Science of Breath by Polmo Polpo CD: $8.00
Download: $7.99

Polmo Polpo: The Science of Breath


Alien8 Recordings and its sub-label Substractif will release the debut full-length, "The Science of Breath", by Toronto producer Sandro Perri, a.k....

Profundi by Profundi CD: $13.00

Profundi: Profundi

Profound Lore

Finally out, Jens Ryden’s first musical output since leaving legendary Swedish death/black metal band NAGLFAR, and his first solo venture since DEA...

Shipwrecker's Diary by Prurient CD: $10.00

Prurient: Shipwrecker's Diary

Ground Fault

Shipwrecker's Diary 01: +shoestring+ 02: +shin+ 03: +calf+ 04: +belt+ 05: +finger+ 06: +palm+ 07: +elbow+ 08: ...

Jerusalem by Random Inc CD: $13.00

Random Inc: Jerusalem


Ritornell is the sub-label of Mille Plateaux, which itself is a sub-label of Force Inc. While each of these labels are centered generally around pr...

Dos by Robot vs. Rabbit CD: $13.00

Robot vs. Rabbit: Dos

Squirrelgirl Records

"Dos" is Robot vs. Rabbit’s second album since they came together in 1998, apart from various CD-Rs and compilation appearances. "Dos" is three y...

Shalabi Effect by Shalabi Effect 2CD: $10.00
Download: $7.99

Shalabi Effect: Shalabi Effect

Alien8 Recordings

Originally slated for release as the flip side of a split cd/lp with godspeed you black emperor! entitled Aural Florida, this release just kept gro...

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