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Puroland by Merzbow CD: $13.00

Merzbow: Puroland


1. Pilgrimage To Puroland 13:17 2. Pleasant Valley Monday 16:00 3. Celebration Day 11:00 4. War Frog 8:54

Quieting by Christof Migone CD: $5.00

Christof Migone: Quieting

Alien8 Recordings

"In 1996 I recorded the cannon that is fired every day at noon in Halifax, Nova Scotia, all pieces here are based on that recording or inspired by ...

you'll never be well no more by Molasses CD: $7.00
Download: $7.99

Molasses: you'll never be well no more


Alien8 Recordings is pleased to present You'll Never Be Well No More by Molasses on Fancy, a first release from one of the most eclectic, enigmatic...

Trilogie: Toil and Peaceful Life by Molasses CD: $5.00
Download: $6.99

Molasses: Trilogie: Toil and Peaceful Life


A celebrated Canadian playwright, expatriate of Michigan's 1960s art underground, wrote upon hearing Molasses for the first time, "...art from the ...

A Slow Messe by Molasses 2CD: $9.00
Download: $7.99

Molasses: A Slow Messe


Fancy and Alien8 Recordings are thrilled to announce the latest release by Montréal folk-drone ensemble Molasses, a harrowing 26 track double CD en...

Sucre 3 by Monstre CD: $8.00
Download: $4.99

Monstre: Sucre 3

Alien8 Recordings

Montreal boasts quite an exciting improvised/underground music scene these days, popularized by the likes of GYBE!, Shalabi Effect, Fly Pan Am, Dav...

Estrapade by Morceaux_De_Machines CD: $11.00

Morceaux_De_Machines: Estrapade

No Type

• Prix Opus 2004-05: Disque de l’année — finaliste Beware, electronic music fundamentalists: morceaux_de_machines are back! Yeppers, like that, ...

Armsbazzar by Muslimgauze CD: $15.00

Muslimgauze: Armsbazzar


Armsbazzar investigates both released and unreleased selected recordings from the intense period comprised between 1994 and 1997. Included are the ...

Truth Becomes Death by Nadja 2LP: $20.00
Download: $7.99

Nadja: Truth Becomes Death

Alien8 Recordings

Now available on vinyl. See below for more info. Finally a full-fledged metal release on Alien8 Recordings. Alright, perhaps that's a bit of an ex...

Touched by Nadja CD: $9.00
Download: $7.99

Nadja: Touched

Alien8 Recordings

Now available on vinyl. See below for more info. Announcing “Touched”, our second release by the up and coming ambient doom band Nadja. The Outs...

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